The Italian Institute of Welding has developed the new "COMMUNITY IIS" formula.
It provides for members of the iniziative a series of privileges and favorable terms of access to IIS Group services.
This new membership formula is differentiated into 3 typologies corresponding to as many categories of Users.
The privileges that the Italian Institute of Welding Group has reserved to its new members are truly worthy of note, as well as the entry fees, which are divided by type, category and size of companies.

Types and levels of COMMUNITY IIS
3 COMMUNITY IIS typologies with 2 different levels corresponding to a defined set of privileges:

• “Personal”: natural persons
• “Welding Prod”: for machine manufacturers, consumables for welding, welding systems
• “Industrial”: for Free Professionals, Manufacturers, Users, Producers, Businesses, Companies and Design Companies operating in the world of welding.

For all typologies are enrolled two Standard and Premium levels are provided, to which you have the same number of privileges.

For Personal type, the COMMUNITY INTERVIEWER is the natural person: the membership fee will be billed to your Tax Code and the privileges (non-transferable) will only be available to the Registrar.
For Professional Industrial / Welding Prod types the VAT / Company the VAT number of the COmpany is required for any invoicing: the privileges will be available directly from the Company. For the Industrial and Welding Prod types, the missing registration forms of the Legal Representative's signature will not be considered.

  Standard Premium
Discount for technical events fee 20% 50%
Seminars material (on request) -
Discount on Courses Calendar 2019 (welding in elettronic excluded) 10% 25%
Discount on Courses Calendar 2019 welding in elettronic
The discount is not applied to the fee for the didactic material already
10% 15%
Discount on training, education and qualification for personnel activities lead at IIS training centres according to Courses Calendar 2019
(Genova, Mogliano Veneto e Legnano)*
10% 25%
Free download of the Italian Welding Magazine articles -
Nr.1 free subscription to the Italian Welding Magazine in .pdf format for one year on IIS STORE
Nr.3 free subscription (for only Professional Industrial type) and Nr.1 free subscription (for only Personal type)
to the Italian Welding Magazine in paper format for one year
Nr.1 free subscription to the Italian Welding Magazine in paper format for one year 50% -
Additional subscriptions to the Rivista Italiana della saldatura (Italian welding magazine) in paper format for one year 50% 50%
"IIS Didattica" monographic articles della Rivista Italiana della Saldatura on Welding Library
IIS GROUP Welding library
Discount on IIS Group books 25% 35%
Nr.1 IISWebTV interview published for all 2018 -
IIS Soft discount 10% 20%
IIS Brand accessorises for Personal e Professional
2 hours of annual advice / assistance from our experts
(by booking by email:
Exclusive privileges for Welding Prod
  Standard Premium
Nr.1 free subscription to the Italian Welding Magazine in paper format for one year -
EXPO SALDATURA virtual stand -
Nr. 1 Meeting day at IIS or No. 1 technical article «We tried for you» on the Italian Welding Magazine -
Discount on advertising list_Media Kit 30% 45%
Commercial video on IISWebTV** published for all 2019

*favorable conditions can be agreed upon for a large number of participants

Notes: Discount can not be combined with other initiatives.

Why sign up?

The Italian Institute of Welding is the national reference for all aspects related to welding and related techniques.

Founding member of the European Welding Federation (EWF) and the International Institute of Welding (IIW) since its founding is inspired by the distinguishing principles:

  • commitment to the diffusion of knowledge
  • seriousness in pursuing loyal and long-lasting relationships
  • professionalism, competence, high quality of performance
  • technical independence.

Participating in COMMUNITY IIS, as well as bringing undoubted privileges to members, involves making such values worthwhile and becoming part of a major technical community.

How to sign up
By visiting the COMMUNITY IIS web site on our site, activating the cart with the chosen membership mode and following the suggested instructions from time to time

Writing to
Downloading and filling out the tab available on the COMMUNITY IIS web page and sending it to the address above, attaching a copy of the payment to the:
Istituto Italiano della Saldatura
IBAN IT 07 E 03332 01405 00000 1223415, Banca Passadore SPA, Agenzia K - Genoa, Italy.

for Personal type only credit card payment on IIS STORE.
by Type Welding Prod and Professional Industrial only payment by bank transfer.
the completion of the registration will be done by filling in the Annex YOUR INTERESTS.

Registration fees
Type   Annual fee (VAT EXLUDED, Calendar year)
Livello Standard
Premium Level
Welding Prod
Standard Level
Welding Prod
Premium Level
Professional Industrial
Standard Level
up to 5 insiders
from 6 to 15 insiders
from 16 to 50 insiders
from 51 to 250 insiders
more than 250 insiders
Professional Industrial
Premium Level
up to 5 insiders
from 6 to 15 insiders
from 16 to 50 insiders
from 51 to 250 insiders
more than 250 insiders