Since IIS has been founded, education and training has been an essential activitiy.
The first course run in IIS was the “specialization course for Engineers and Technologists” (1952). This course has been updated through the years, until it has been included as a whole in the EWF and IIW courses for personnel with responsibilities for welding coordination activities, as a result of the international harmonization process in the filed.

Since then, education and training offered by IIS has been growing in the extent, covering almost all welding and related technologies.

Being strictly linked with the industrial world is one of the most appreciated features of IIS education and training activities; as a matter of fact, technological transfer of industrial experience of the IIS Group and of industrial best practices is a part of the IIS mission. This is achieved also through the on filed experience of teachers and instructors involved, as it is transmitted through the courses.

Similar attention is paid to the education and training materials, which include customised reference textbooks and presentations, a large number of representative specimens and richness of equipment as per quantity and quality.

The activities are carried out under the several authorisations and acknowledgements, such as:

  • Authorised Training Body (ATB) EWF and IIW,
  • Examination centre according to ISO 9712
  • Training school acknowledged by  the European Space Agency (ESA)
  • KHC: for certification of auditor/lead auditor, according to ISO 9001, ISO14001 and BS OHSAS 18001

and many more.


Our services:


Welding Education and Training

Practical courses for Welders and Operators - Metallic Materials

IIS PROGRESS provides training courses for welders (for manual and partly mechanized processes) and for welding operators (for fully mechanized welding processes).

Courses for Plastic Welding Personnel (PE-PP-PVC-PVDF-GFRP)

Similarly to training courses on metallic materials, also for plastics welders courses provide different levels of education accordingly to different roles and responsibilities of the careers.

Training courses for the qualification of Welding Coordinators according to IIW and EWF

In the field of the welding fabrication process, there are two key roles in a Company for the proper control of the manufacturing process: the Welding Coordinator and the Welding Inspector.

Education and training of Welding Inspection personnel

In the field of the welding fabrication process, there are two key roles in a Company for the proper control of the manufacturing process: the Welding Coordinator and the Welding Inspector.

Education and training according to other IIW and EWF qualifications

IIS PROGRESS offers training courses for special processes according to IIW and EWF guidelines. A non-exhaustive list is reported as follows.

Introduction to welding fabrication (Corso celere)

This course is one of the first training courses for welding technicians offered by IIS since before the IIW and EWF constitution.

Practical courses for underwater welding

IIS PROGRESS has over the years completed its own traditional training courses with a proposal pointed towards Underwater Manual Metal Arc (MMA) Welding, which considers:


Education and training of responsible welding coordinators in accordance with requirements of EN 1090-2

IIS PROGRESS offers training taking into account special needs for manufactures of civil structures.

Courses on Quality Management, Health, Safety and Environment in welding

The IIS Group offers specific training courses for personel involved, at different levels, in the fabrication of welded products, in the field of Quality management, Health, Safety and Environment.

Courses for new professional figures for robotic processes

Le esigenze di produttività, qualità e sicurezza nella fabbricazione dei prodotti saldati stanno spingendo un numero crescente di fabbricanti verso l’impiego di impianti di saldatura ad alto livello di automazione, spesso...

Training courses in corrosion and service

Courses on corrosion protection and painting

Corrosion can generate deep alteration of the structural characteristic of components, structures, vehicles, in such a way as to compromise safety and functionality.

Courses for Inspector of structures in service for civil and construction structures (CISI)

IIS, sulla base della sua esperienza storica nell’attività di ispezione e assistenza tecnica nella fabbricazione, erezione, manutenzione ispezioni e rinforzo di strutture di carpenteria civile ed edile, ha sviluppato un...

Courses for NDT personnel

Courses for NDT personnel

These courses are characterized by structure, duration and contents according to the main international Standards and Recommendations (UNI EN ISO 9712 e ASNT:SNT-TC-1A) pertaining qualification...

Training courses in Soldering in Electronics

Training courses in soldering in electronics (ESA, IPC)

Il Gruppo IIS opera con successo da oltre vent'anni nel settore della saldatura di componenti elettronici (brasatura dolce), con servizi di formazione, assistenza e laboratorio.

Courses on Adhesive Bonding

Courses on Adhesive Bonding (EAE, EAS, EAB)

IIS PROGRESS svolge corsi a supporto delle aziende che operano nel settore dell'incollaggio, proponendo le qualificazioni previste dalla Federazione Europea della Saldatura...

Technological transfer

Technological transfer

These proposals well represent the spirit of IIS mission, as all the services offered by IIS have always been accomplished with high commitment to involve the Client and with the purpose of supporting his technological growth...

Customised Training courses

Tailored training courses

IIS PROGRESS can design and manage training activities customised on the customer request, as per syllabus, training program, place and dates.