IIS SERVICE boasts an Engineering Division provided with the most advanced tools and expertise to take on complex problems of structural engineering, process engineering, material and corrosion engineering.

The integration within other Group departments, such as advanced NDT and Laboratory testing, allows us to supply our Clients with exceptionally powerful tools for the assessment of the reliability of components and plants, for Fitness for Service and Life Extension evaluations, and for structural integrity issues at large.


Our services:


Structural Integrity Assessment

Assessment of fatigue life for civil structures, lifting appliances and mechanical components

IIS SERVICE, through its Engineering Department, is involved in assessments of fatigue life in the field of structures and structural components.

Pipelines reliability assessment

IIS SERVICE has set up a in-house original procedure for the pipelines reliability assessment, based on the inspection results processing coming from:

Stress analysis of piping equipment

The Engineering Department of IIS SERVICE is able to perform the finite elements analysis of industrial piping equipment for different contexts: from the stress analysis, to the remaining life evaluation, from the supports design, to the Fitness...

Structural analysis and design of pressure vessels

The Engineering Department of IIS SERVICE is involved in the design and calculation for pressure vessels.

Repair / modification design of pressure equipment

IIS SERVICE is committed to design critical repairing operations such as removal and repairing of defects detected during periodic inspections, replacement of components, repairing on in-service equipment.

Structural assessment of lifting appliances

For the lifting appliances, the Engineering Department of the IIS Group is able to provide the following engineering services:

Structural analysis of atmospheric storage tanks

IIS SERVICE has a long and acknowledged experience in the management of any issues relating to stability analysis, inspection, control, maintenance of above ground atmospheric storage tanks.

Fitness For Service (FFS) & Engineering Critical Assessment (ECA)

The Fitness For Service (FFS) assessments are the pride of engineering services of IIS SERVICE.

Residual life assessment for pressure equipment

The residual life assessment for pressurized equipment in the creep range, in compliance with the technical specification UNI/TS 11325-2, is carried out through the following phases:

Repair / modification design of civil structures, lifting appliances and mechanical components

In the field of civil structures subjected to the law requirements (Ministerial Italian Decrees in law 1086 enforcement - today DM 14/1/2008, EN 1993, EN 1090) or other metal structures or machine elements and lifting equipment...

Asset Integrity Management

RAMS Assessment (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety)

Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety:

RBI Assessments (Risk Based Inspection)

The IIS Group is the acknowledged leader in service and support for inspection planning and RBI studies according to the recommended practices API 580 and API 581 in Italy and abroad.

RBI (Risk Based Inspection) for road and railway infrastructures

This service provides an effective tool for inspection planning, consistent with the budget for the safely maintenance of the infrastructure efficiency.

Welding Engineering

Technical support for welding

Our engineers are traditionally engaged in several services to support welding engineering:

Materials and Corrosion

Evaluation of the damage mechanisms affecting pressure equipment and piping

IIS SERVICE is able to identify and evaluate the damage mechanisms that potentially affect specific equipment and / or plant section and, consequently, provide indications and recommended solutions targeted to prevent and...

Material and corrosion engineering - Material Selection

The objectives of an activity of Material Selection require extensive knowledge in materials science, metallurgy, damage mechanisms that affect the various service conditions, weldability, corrosion and a long lasting...

Technical Specifications

Mothballing Operative Procedures for equipment and plants

In the chemical processing industry it is nowadays a fact that reduction of production or temporary production interruption are needed.

Piping Design Specifications

IIS SERVICE is able to draw up for its Clients piping design specifications (piping class) in compliance with:

Tailored Information Tools

Development of software routines and tailored information tools

IIS SERVICE, in a specific Engineering area, is able to develop dedicated supporting information tools, aimed at the completion and improvement of the main service provision.

Technical support for the protection systems of industrial installations

SRMCR (Safety Related Measurement Control and Regulation) - PSV (Pressure Safety Valve)

The protection systems of industrial plants, against excessive pressure, are one of the key elements to ensure the safety of production processes for the population incolumity and health and for the environmental protection....