Ministerial Authorization 

Notified Body for the issue of the European approvals of the materials and for the release of the approvals of the operative modalities and of the personnel that executes permanent joints of pressure equipment and of parts directly connected to them, with reference to the directive 2014/68/UE (Ministerial Decree MISE) Publication NANDO

Recognised third-party organisation (RTPO) for the release of approvals for non-destructive testing personnel of pressure equipment and parts directly connected to them, with reference to directive 2014/68/UE (Ministerial Decree MISE)

Publication NANDO
Notified Body for Factory Production Control certification (FPC) for some products (according to EN 1090-1, EN 10025-1, EN 13479, EN 14399), with reference to EU regulation no. 305/2011 (CPR) (Interministerial Decree) Publication NANDO
Notified Body for the assessment of conformity and suitability for the use of the interoperability products (Ministerial decree MIT) Publication NANDO
Authorized Body to issue EU certification for products referred to in Directive 2014/29 / EU - Simple pressure vessels (Decreto MISE 03 Ottobre 2016) Publication NANDO
Type A Authorized Body to carry out periodic and extraordinary checks of grounding Ministerial Decree DPR 462


International awards

ANBCC (Authorised Nominated Body for Company Certification) approved by EWF/IIW, for welding quality management certification according to the requirements of ISO 3834 and environmental certification EWF EMS



ANB (Authorised Nominated Body) approvato dall'EWF, per la qualificazione e la certificazione delle figure professionali europee in saldatura ANB EWF
ANB (Authorised Nominated Body) approvato dall'IIW, per la qualificazione delle figure professionali internazionali in saldatura ANB IIW