The IIS Group operates in the field of inspections and testing with about  60 Qualified Inspectors, capable of performing second and third party inspections, non destructive testing  with different methods, expediting, QA/QC functions, inspections on site.

At shortest notice our inspectors can be operating at any location, in Italy and abroad, in workshops, construction yards, plants, to perform inspections and tests on pressure equipment, steel structures, piping.

We have accomplished inspections and in-site NDT in a large number of countries.
More than 70 countries in the last ten years.


Our services:


Assistenza tecnica

Comparative evaluation of compliance with different fabrication codes

Another service provided by our Engineering Department regards the comparative evaluation of design, fabrication procedures, welding procedure qualification plan, comparing the main reference codes (i.e. AWS vs EN).

Conception and technological design of welding

The welded joint

Technological design verification

IIS SERVICE engineers and technicians are committed in the technological design verifications, with particular reference to the rail & road infrastructure sector and to steel structures at large.

Drafting and revision of technical specifications for procurement, fabrication and repair

The IIS Group is commited in drafting or revision of specifications or operative procedures, for procurement, design or fabrication and production processes control.

Technical and scientific support

IIS SERVICE provides technical and scientific advice for design, fabrication, inspection issues.

Technical and scientific support are provided for:


NDT - Surface, Volumetric Non Destructive Testing

IIS SERVICE operates in field carrying our surface and volumetric non destructive testing, through its 40 certified inspectors at Lev.2 and Lev.

Piping inspection - Long Range Guided Wave inspection

IIS SERVICE effettua ispezioni di tubazioni con il Sistema ad Onde Guidate sin dal 2001.

Automated non destructive testing

IIS SERVICE carries out, through its own personnel and equipment, automated non destructive testing:

Detection of typical damage - Ultrasonic procedures for HTHA, SCC, SOHIC, HIC

IIS SERVICE has developed in-house NDT ultrasonic procedures to detect and evaluate typical damage and defects due to damage mechanisms which affect components operating in refinery and petrochemical plants.

Non destructive testing for aboveground storage tanks

IIS SERVICE is able to provide a wide range of services dedicated to aboveground storage tanks inspection and testing, to assess their structural integrity. 
• Acoustic Emission
• Floor Scanner for the bottom...

Heat exchangers tubes inspection

IIS SERVICE is able to provide a complete series of inspections for heat exchangers or air-coolers tubes, to verify the integrity of tubes. 

Metallographic replicas

IIS SERVICE performs in-site non destructive metallographic examination through replicas.


Workshop and site inspection during fabrication stage

The IIS Group employs around 60 qualified inspectors.

Pre-service Inspection

Pre-service inspection is carried out before commissioning of new equipment and components.

Welding Inspection

IIS Group boasts a longstanding experience in Welding Inspection activities.

In-service inspection

The IIS Group carries out in-service inspection assuming different roles.

Our inspectors

The IIS Group boasts nearly 60 qualified inspectors, most of them employed in IIS SERVICE and in IIS CERT, which are able to perform different type of inspections and supervision: during fabrication and erection, in workshop...