Within the varied range of activities of the Italian Institute of Welding, the services offered by the Library provide a significant and qualifying contribution in promoting the dissemination of the culture of fabrication by welding.

The IIS Library, set up in the 1950s at the Genova headquarters, has been progressively built up through targeted acquisitions, assuring the constant upgrade of its endowment according to the scientific and technological development of welding and similar and connected techniques. The constant enhancement of its collection – consisting of books, standards (national and international), specialised technical journals and conference proceedings – has made it possible to create a vast collection of national and international technical literature, which may be considered one of its kind in Italy.

In addition to conventional referencing services, the Library has recently implemented a new technological infrastructure for document management, which is accessible through the website https://iis.tind.io and through all the latest mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.).

The new Welding Library platform is managed via a computerised metadata filing and indexing system, through which it is possible to find all the available digital and digitalised resources.
Welding Library” makes it possible to conduct research at general level, through a unified interface that assures quick, precise and reliable hits, or in a targeted manner, making use of all the specific search keys provided by the system (for instance, title, author, IIW keywords, full-text).

The Library is able to provide technicians, specialists, researchers, companies, students, and all those who operate in the sector, with detailed and up-to-date information on specific topics, making it possible to view documents and publications, otherwise difficult to find.

To browse the library, go to the "IIS COMMUNITY" page or ask for more information from community@iis.it.