A view of the national and international technical literature, with a special focus on publications fresh off the printing press in the field of fabrication by welding.

On this page you will find information, reviews and reading recommendations, accurately vetted by the editors of the Italian Welding Magazine and published in the “Newsreel” column.
The book card contains the review, by the IIS experts, and the publisher’s contact information for purchasing it.


Materials and Processes for NDT Technology
ASNT, The American Society for. Nondestructive Testing, 2016
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ASM International
ASM Handbook, Volume 5B: Protective Organic Coatings
Kenneth B. Tator, 2015
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ASM Handbook, Volume 5A: Thermal Spray Technology
Robert C. Tucker Jr, 2013
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Metallographer’s Guide – Practises and Procedures for Irons and Steels
Bruce L. Bramfitt, 2002
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CRC Press
Introduction to Brazing Technology
Roberts P. M., 2016
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The corrosion performance of metals for the marine environment a basic guide
C. Powell & R. Francis, Maney Publishing, NACE INTERNATIONAL, 2012
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Resistance Welding - Fundamentals and applications - Second edition
Zhang H., Senkara J., 2005
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Dario Flaccovio Editore
Progettare i collegamenti nelle strutture in acciaio
Giovanni Conticello, Sebastiano Floridia, 2015
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Componenti strutturali in alluminio - Progettazione di elementi lineari e collegamenti secondo Eurocodici e NTC
Castagnone A. e Leone D., 2013
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DEStech Publications
The Mechanics of Adhesives in Composite and Metal Joints
Wahab M.A. / DEStech Publications, 2014
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Eclipse Scientific
Eddy Current Array Technology. Fundamentals & Applications for Non-Destructive Testing. 1st Edition
M. Wright
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Design for Additive Manufacturing 1st Edition
Martin Leary, 2019
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Friction Stir Welding of Dissimilar Alloys and Materials
Nilesh Kumar, Wei Yuan and Rajiv S. Mishra, 2015
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Materials for Ultra-Supercritical and Advanced Ultra-Supercritical Power Plants
Augusto Di Gianfrancesco, Woodhead Publishing Series in Energy: Number 104, 2017
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The effect of creep and other time related factors on plastics and elastomers, 3rd Edition
L. McKeen, 2015
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Underground pipeline corrosion. Detection, analysis and prevention
Mark E. Orazem, Woodhead publishing series in metals and surface engineering: Number 63, 2014
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Corrosion Control in the Oil and Gas Industry, 1st Edition
Papavinasam S., Gulf Publishing Company, 2013
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Handbook of laser welding technologies
Katayama S., Woodhead Publishing Limited, 2013
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Machinery Failure Analysis and Troubleshooting, 4th Edition
Bloch H. P. & Geitner F. K., Butterworth-Heinemann, 2012
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Pressure Vessels Field Manual
Stewart M. and Lewis T. O., Gulf Professional Publishing, 2012
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EPC Editore
Manuale della saldatura. Guida alla sicurezza nelle operazioni all’arco elettrico, ossigas e processi correlati
Roberto Nicolucci, 2016
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Expert verlag GmbH
Nickel alloys and high-alloyed special stainless steels. Properties - Manufacturing - Applications
Ulrich Heubner, Jutta Klöwer et al., 2012
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Istituto Italiano della Saldatura
Saldatura meccanizzata, orbitale e robotizzata
Luca Costa, 2019
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Lap Lambert Academic Publishing
PLC Controlled Automatic Robotic Arc Welding System - Automatic Arc Welding Technology
Ahmed Anees / Lap Lambert Academic Publishing, 2012
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McGraw Hill Education Europe
The Nalco Water Handbook. The Landmark Water Use and Conditioning Resource - Fully Updated for the Twenty-First Century
Flynn, Jay Arthur, McGraw-Hill, 2009
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NewSouth Books
Steel Designers' Handbook, 8 Edition
Gorenc B.E., Tinyou R. e Syam A.A., 2012
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Power Plant Water Chemistry - A practical Guide
Brad Buecker, 1997
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Hazardous Substances in Welding and Allied Processes
Spiegel-Ciobanu, Vilia Elena, Costa, Luca, Zschiesche, Wolfgang International Institute of Welding, 2020
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Aerospace Materials and Material Technologies. Volume 2: Aerospace Material Technologies
Prasad, N. Eswara, Wanhill, Russell, 2017
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Additive Manufacturing Developments in Training and Education
Pei Eujin, Monzón Mario,Bernard Alain (Eds.), 1st ed. 2019
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IIW Guidelines on Weld Quality in Relationship to Fatigue Strength
B. Jonsson, G. Dobmann, A.F. Hobbacher, M. Kassner, G. Marquis, 2016
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Cracking Phenomena in Welds IV
Boellinghaus Thomas, Lippold John C., Cross Carl Edward, 2016
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Additive Manufacturing Technologies. Rapid Prototyping to Direct Digital Manufacturing
Ian Gibson, David W. Rosen, Brent Stucker, 2015
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Structural Connections For Lightweight Metallic Structures
Pedro M.G.P. Moreira, Lucas F. M. da Silva, Paulo M.S.T. de Castro, 2012
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Scanning Electron Microscopy and X-Ray Microanalysis, 3rd Edition
Joseph Goldstein et al., 2003
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Design of Joints in Steel and Composite Structures: Eurocode 3: Design of Steel Structures. Part 1-8 Design of Joints. Eurocode 4: Design of Composite Steel and Concrete Structures. Part 1-1 General rules and rules for buildings
ECCS - European Convention for Constructional Steelwork, 2016
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Welding Metallurgy and Weldability
John C. Lippold, 2014
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Welding Metallurgy and Weldability of Nickel-Base Alloys
John N. DuPont, John C. Lippold, Samuel D. Kiser, 2009
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WIT Press
Aluminium Alloy Corrosion of Aircraft Structures - Modelling and Simulating
J.A. DeRose, T. Suter, T. Hack & R. A. Adey, 2012
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