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IIS SERVICE operates in field carrying our surface and volumetric non destructive testing, through its 40 certified inspectors at Lev.2 and Lev. 3 according to EN ISO 9712 and ASNT TC1-A in the following NDT methods:

  • Visual testing VT
  • Magnetic particle inspection MT
  • Penetrant testing PT
  • Ultrasonic testing UT
  • Leak testing LT
  • Hardness testing
  • Portable parent material identification PMI
  • Alternating Current Field Measurement ACFM
  • Metallographic replicas
  • Organic and anticorrosion coating inspection and testing

spanning most of current NDT technologies except worksite radiographic testing that is not performed at client facilities but only in-house.

At shortest notice our inspectors can be operating in any location, in Italy and abroad, in workshops, construction yards, plants, to perform tests on pressure equipment, steel structures, piping.

The added value we can offer during our inspections is not only in the expertise of our own inspectors but also in the ongoing links between our site inspectors and our technical departments: Engineering, NDT, Technical Assistance, Laboratory, Certification, Education and Training. These departments are able to give technical support and assistance to smooth different issues which can arise on the job, to sort out NDT issues, to advise on the best repair procedures and provide coordination, making available reliability evaluations, fitness for service assessments, flaws acceptability reports and other type of support, in real time.