Innovation is the translation of new concepts and insights of market success, accessible only through the interaction between the identification of opportunities offered by the market and the development of technical skills.
The IIS Group aims, through its R&D departments, at ensuring a range of services based on the following lines:

  • research funding opportunities for in-house R&D projects and innovation within the IIS Group
  • advice and assistance to our Clients in searching funding, payable in connection with the services provided by IIS Group, covering the activities of the development and innovation of the customer
  • preparation of proposals and participation in research development projects funded by national and international institutions, traditionally in collaboration with other relevant bodies and organizations operating in the field of welding and related technologies.

With regard to the last point, the IIS Group collaborates with the European Welding Federation (EWF - European Welding Federation), the most representative institution in the field of welding and allied technologies in Europe, for the performing of several European Cooperation projects, and working for the exchange of scientific and technical information and for the removal of technological barriers, thus facilitating the free movement of goods and people. These projects are dealing with several aspects of welding: the implementation of guidelines for qualification of personnel, distance learning, health and safety, ergonomics, technological development and innovation in the field of welding, in accordance with new European Directives. In the context of the new Programme for research and Development Horizon 2020 and Erasmus + vocational training, the IIS Group is active in carrying out several projects.

The projects in which the IIS Group is involved:

Piani operativi regionali 2014 - 2020
Obiettivo Investimenti in favore della crescita e dell'occupazione
Azione 1.2.4
Bando "Supporto alla realizzazione di progetti complessi di attività di ricerca e sviluppo su poche aree tematiche di rilievo e all'applicazione di soluzioni tecnologiche funzionali alla realizzazione delle strategie di S3".
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Our DEVELOPED Projects

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Programma LLP Leonardo da Vinci (TOI – Transfer of Innovation)
6° Programma Quadro
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