IIS Group provides a wide range of integrated services in the field of railway vehicles and components and generally in the railroad industry. A brief description is given below, together with some references on main works performed by IIS.

Structural Integrity and Design

  • Design assessment (static and fatigue) of railway components and welded joints
    (see case history)
  • Optimization of structural welded details
    (see case history)
  • Fatigue testing procedures of typical welded structural details of railway components (e.g. resistance spot welds)
    (see case history)
  • Revision of technical specifications according to AWS Codes (AWS D1.1, D1.2, D.3, D1.6, D15.1, etc..) and / or EN 15085 standard for all the different aspects involved in the fabrication and erection of carbon steel / stainless steel / aluminium alloy structures (design, qualification, fabrication and inspection). Comparative studies between EN Standards and AWS Codes.
    (see case history)

Laboratory tests

  • Fatigue tests for the evaluation of the fatigue strength of welded joints
  • Chemical and mechanical tests for the material characterization. 


  • Verification and optimization of UT procedures on rolling stock components by means of a simulation software
  • Definition of most suitable NDE techniques in order to assess the structural integrity of railway car components.
    (see case history)

Technical Assistance

  • Preparation of welding and repair procedures on railway components with defects induced by service
    (see case history)
  • Supervision of welding and NDE operations during repair activities.

Coating and Painting
Technical assistance for preparation of painting/coating procedures.

  • Coating/Painting inspection by lev. 2 and 3 NACE and FROSIO inspectors
  • Second/Third party inspection
  • Laboratory test on coating and coatin/painting procedures approval.


  • Certification of welding fabrication process for railway rolling stock (EN 15085)
  • Evaluation of CE conformity of products according to Directive 2008/57/EC on the interoperability of the Trans-European Railway System: the notification covers the following subsystems: Rolling Stock, Infrastructure, Control, Command and Signalling onboard and trackside, Maintenance and Telematics Applications (Passengers and Goods Wagons). The notification is extended to the entire Trans-European Railway System: High Speed Transportazion System and Conventional Transportation System.   



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