Over time corrosion can produce both deep alterations of the structural characteristics of metal components such as to compromise the security and even functionality.

An effective management of corrosion protection process (realized for instance with cycles painting, or thermal spraying, or hot dip galvanizing, or surface layers conversion) is therefore essential to ensure quality and continuity of service and to reduce direct and indirect costs arising from maintenance, including the services interruptions of the workpiece.

The IIS Group has enriched its activities since long to offer its Clients a complete and integrated service, to face and manage face and handle all issues related to the protection against corrosion by surface coatings through its qualified and certified personnel, and through its own testing laboratory:

In more detail, the activities we can provide are as follows:

Technical assistance in workshops and on site

  • Drafting and revision of technical specifications
  • Coordination and supervision of the activities of corrosion protection
  • Inspection, non-destructive and destructive testing in workshops and construction sites

Training, qualification and certification of coordination, inspection and application personnel in cycles painting and metallization (thermal spraying)

  • Theoretical and practical courses
  • Qualifying examinations
  • Issuing diplomas and certificates

Approval of cycles of corrosion protection

  • Laboratory testing
  • Certification painting cycle

Failure analysis

  • Failure analysis

Testing and certification of corrosion protection processes



The target of a corrosion test of can be the verification of the quality/reliability of a base material and its manufacturing... >

The Italian Institute of Welding Group's Laboratory is able to carry out tests for the characterisation of painting processes... >

The IIS Group is able to perform qualification of painting processes and overall production process of anti-corrosion coatings... >

Corrosion can produce serious alterations of the structural characteristics of metallic components such as to compromise safety... >

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The IIS Group is commited in drafting or revision of specifications or operative procedures, for procurement, design or fabrication and production... >