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The IIS Group carries out in-service inspection assuming different roles.

IIS SERVICE provides Plant Inspectors for the performing, supervision and coordination of inspection activities during mantainance turn-around of refinery, petrochemical and power generation plants. Inspections on critical equipment are carried out directly by our inspectors.
Furthermore IIS SERVICE boasts a longstanding hands-on experience in inspection of infrastructures, bridges and buildings. Training and experience of IIS SERVICE inspectors are key issues which allow plant users’ needs to be met.
Sometimes the Inspection Plan is defined by IIS SERVICE based on a Risk Based Inspection analysis carried out by the Engineering department, both in the Oil&Gas and in the Infrastructure sectors, where IIS SERVICE has prepared an in-house procedure for RBI evaluations.

IIS CERT performs in Italy inspections by law, directly or through consortium CEC (Europen Certification Consortium), during service life of componentes, with the official role of Authorized Body for periodical inspection required by law.

The added value we can give in our inspection is not only in the expertise of our own inspectors. It stands in the steady connection between our site inspectors and our technical departments: Engineering, NDT, Technical Assistance, Laboratory, Certification, Education and Training. These departments are able to give, in real time, the required technical support and assistance to face different issues which can rise on the job: to sort out NDT issues, to provide, even during shut-down periond, required repair procedures and repair activities coordination, making available reliability or fitness for service evaluation for flaws acceptability, providing the upgrading of training and qualificaton of welding and NDT personnel, etc...