There is the need to develop welding management knowledge through the transfer of welding expertise, practices and technology, to enhance welding manufacturing capabilities, and thus create pre-conditions for improved and sustainable welding business operations.

From the International Institute of Welding White Paper shows that: “a profitable tool to try to solve the situation might be the use of models and criteria for the design of the welding fabrication process through the use of health and safety and environment management schemes. This needs to be fully integrated economically with the fabrication process, leading to better use of human and natural resources in generally, while leading to better quality of the products”.

Italian Institute of Welding is strongly committed in these issues through its participation in Commission VIII of IIW, dealing with the matters of health, safety and environment, but also through the adoption of EWF guidelines in his companies certification activities. The European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting (EWF), by virtue of its unique international expertise, has developed a high integrity and specialised certification system to assure companies’ compliance with EN ISO 3834 and with the EWF requirements for the Environmental and Health and Safety Management.

This system is referred to as the EWF Manufacturer Certification System (EWF MCS).