IIS SERVICE, through its Engineering Department, is involved in assessments of fatigue life in the field of structures and structural components.

Evaluations are generally carried out in Structural Integrity Management contexts, to verify the reliability of components or structures, determine the remaining life, assess their fitness for service.

By means of the latest software tools for structural calculations the following evaluations are performed:

Assessment of fatigue life of steel structural components according to EN 1993-1-9;
Assessment of fatigue life of aluminium alloy components in according to EN 1993-1-3


Buckling assessment

In the design of equipment in pressure, in some cases, it is necessary to verify the components resistance against equilibrium instability phenomena ("buckling"): this is...

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IIS Group provides a wide range of integrated services in the field of railway vehicles and components and generally in the railroad industry.

Seismic load evaluation

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