The Italian Institute of Welding Group's Laboratory is able to carry out characterisation and calibration of NDT equipment, with special focus on radiographic examination, magnetic particles examination,ultrasonica examination and dye penetrants. The above mentioned activities are usually performed in accordance with the applicable EN or EN ISO Standards or with ASME / ASTM Standards.

Particularly, the following calibrations / characterisations are available:

  • Verification of the effective focal spot dimension of industrial X-Ray tubes
  • Verification of the penetration power of industrial X-Ray tubes
  • Verification of optical densitometers for Industrial films
  • Verification of industrial illuminators for radiographic films
  • Characterisation and verification of the black light intensity of for magnetic particle or dye penetrants examinations
  • Verification of the lifting power of yokes for magnetic particle examination
  • Verification of probes for Ultrasonic examination - Conventional or advanced Techniques

Beside the above mentioned verifications / calibrations, it is possible to contact the IIS PROGRESS Laboratory for a technical anc commercial proposals also for other kinds of NDT equipment.

At the end of the calibrations / characterisations the Level 3 UNI EN ISO 9712 Personnel in charge will issue a Test report in accordance with the applicable Standard.

Industrial sectors