Similarly to training courses on metallic materials, also for plastics welders courses provide different levels of education accordingly to different roles and responsibilities of the careers.

The courses can be divided into the following two main typologies:

  • Theoretical & Practical Courses aimed at the qualification of personnel responsible for welding and setup of PE pipes and/or fittings, for supplying of pressure and non-pressure fluids (according to UNI 9737 and EN 13067), those for welders of HDPE geomembranes for waterproofing works (according to UNI 10567 and EN 13067) and those for coordinators of welding activities pertaining PE piping systems (according to UNI 10761).
  • Theoretical Courses on equipment and piping systems made of thermoplastic and thermoindurent polymers reinforced by glass fiber (GFRP), with no specific qualification purposes.

In addition to the above mentioned courses, depending on requests, IIS PROGRESS can organize training and certification activities on specific materials (PP, PVC, PVDF and many others), processes (extrusion process, hot gas welding and many others) and their combination.

Industrial sectors