IIS PROGRESS offers training courses for special processes according to IIW and EWF guidelines. A non-exhaustive list is reported as follows.

Heat treatment of Welded Joints (PWHT)
Heat treatment of welded joints is to be considered a special process. The final properties of the joint strongly depend on the post weld heat treatment.  IIS PROGRESS offers a qualification route for personnel involved in heat treatment procedures, according to EWF Guideline (doc. EWF - 628), subdivided in Level Comprehensive, Standard and Basic.

Laser welding and cutting
These courses are aimed at education and training of personnel working on cutting and welding with LASER technology. Based on the education level of the participants, the course can be attended at basic level (operators) or at the Comprehensive level (precess coordinators).
The course includes laser and welding theory, and includes trials on LASER welding Equipment (Gas, solid state), with reference to the effects and adjustment of process parameters, recording of procedures, interpretation of results and analysis of defects.
Practical part can be held both in IIS PROGRESS laboratories and at the customer’s premises.

Welding of reinforcing bars
IIS PROGRESS offers courses according to the EWF guideline 544 for the qualification of wedling coordinators acting in the field of welding of reinforcing bars at the specialist level.
The guideline is also referred to in the standards EN ISO 17660 “Welding of reinforcing steel”, Appendix B (part 1) and A (part 2) for welding coordination personnel.
IIS PROGRESS offers a training course aimed at obtaining this qualification through a single week route: a Welding Basics Module, followed by a specific module addressed to welding of reinforcing bars.

In addition IIS PROGRESS can develop  training courses in accordance with other EWF guidelines, upon customer’s request.

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