IIS PROGRESS offers training taking into account special needs for manufactures of civil structures. This extremely effective  course has a short duration (40 hours) and is  based on the training needs for Welding coordinators, Basic and Standard level, as required by EN 1090-2.

Furthermore the course is performed according to the Guideline EWF 652-11 and allows those who satisfy the access requirements, to achieve the EWF Diploma for Responsible Welding Coordinator for EN 1090-2 at Basic or Standard level, useful for those manufactures performing the Factoryy Production Control operating in EXC 1 e EXC 2.

Diploma is issued for those people attending to the course and successfully passing the relevant examination.


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EN 1090

Certification of Factory Production Control requires, by the Manufacturer, the fulfillment of a number of requirements regarding personnel, procedures, organization of the manufacturer.

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