In the field of the welding fabrication process, there are two key roles in a Company for the proper control of the manufacturing process: the Welding Coordinator and the Welding Inspector.

The Welding Inspector's task is to verify in detail the accuracy of the inspection activities in pre-manufacture and/or assembly on-site of welded components. The International Institute of welding and the European Welding Federation (IIW and EWF) have set up a  dedicated qualification system which provides Manufacturers with three different levels of expertise.

  • International Welding Inspector - Comprehensive (IWI-C)
  • International Welding Inspector - Standard (IWI-S)
  • International Welding Inspector - Basic (IWI-B)

Access to the courses is granted to those satisfying the access conditions, which depend on the achieved education level of applicants and the experience gained.
The duration of the courses and their contents are depending upon the level of qualification.
The course includes two training modules, referred to as:

  • Welding Technology (dealing with welding metallurgy, welding processes, design of welded components, general aspects of fabrication)
  • Welding Inspection (dealing with destructive and non-destructive testing, management of the inspection activities).

Training includes practical exercises to complete the training on inspection activities.

Diploma is issued to those attending the course and successfully passing successfully the relevant examination; in addition to that IIS CERT offers the certification of welding inspectors (Certified IWI) according to national rules and under the accreditation according to UNI EN 17024.

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