The IIS Group is the acknowledged leader in service and support for inspection planning and RBI studies according to the recommended practices API 580 and API 581 in Italy and abroad. Our API-RBI Users Group membership dates back to 2001. The IIS Group is licensee for the API RBI™ software.

The End Users apply the API-RBI Technology for the plant operational risk management system, focusing inspection efforts and resources to those fixed equipment at the highest failure risk. API-RBI Technology provides the basis for making informed decisions on inspection frequency, the extent of inspection, and the most suitable type of NDE to identify expected damage causes by potential evaluated damage mechanisms.

It is a fact that a relatively large percentage of risk in an operating plant is associated with a small percentage of the equipment items. The API-RBI Technology allows the shift of inspection and maintenance resources to provide a higher level of coverage on the high-risk items and an appropriate effort on lower risk, but larger in quantity, equipment.

Expertise we have reached establishes our leadership in Italy as provider of this type of service.

Multidisciplinary expertise is the key feature of a team which copes with a reliable RBI analysis. Our RBI team are entirely formed by our own personnel and join all requested competencies:

  • process engineer
  • NDE engineer
  • HSE expert
  • corrosion & material engineer
  • RBI analysis expert
  • data logger and software interface expert

Furthermore IIS Group can provide Risk Based Inspection studies for infrastructures adopting an in-house developed methodology.

Since 2001 the IIS Group has been accoplished RBI analyses (first and subsequent updatings) on more than 300 industrial plants in refinery, petrochemical and power energy plants, operating on different production processes.


Processing in Topping and Vacuum units

Processing of high naphthenic acid crude in Topping and Vacuum units: corrosion susceptibility assessment, mitigation, damage monitoring and inspection techniques.

Risk Based Inspection

RBI – Risk Based Inspection as an integral part of the safety management system for major-accident hazard plants.

Industrial sectors