The Italian Institute of Welding Group's Laboratory may carry out technical assistance services for welding consumables and welding equipment manufacturers.
In the first case, the consumables can be tested at experimental level in order to verify the mechanical, chemical and physical properties certified by their producers with reference to the applicable International standards (EN, ISO, AWS A.5), carrying out all weld metal test coupons. In ou Laboratory it is possible to design and carry out experimental trials in real time, e.g. testing the consumable behavior in different PWHT conditions or varying the welding procedure specifications. In the case of manual or partly mechanised welding processes too, the Welding Laboratory can rely on the support of  our Instructors and Technicians having a long experience in manufacturing processes. The Laboratory staff is also able to evaluate the test results, with a continuous dialogue with the consumable manufacturer, integrating - where necessary - the mandatory tests with additional ones (e.g fracture mechanics, corrosion, diffusible hydrogen, total water in case of different temperature and RH storage conditions).
In the second case, welding equipment (automatic, mechanised or robotised) can be tested with reference to agreed technical specification in order to verify their welding performances.

The Italian Institute of Welding Group's Laboratory is able to provide technical assistance for Welding Manuals preparation and for "pre-qualified WPS" certification according to EN ISO 15612.


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