The Genoa Additive Manufacturing Laboratory (GeAM) of Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing is active in Genoa as the result of the agreement signed between the IIS, Italian Institute of Welding, and the Polytechnic School of the University of Genoa with the departments of Engineering Mechanics, Energy, Management and Transportation (Dime) and Civil, Chemical and Environmental Engineering (Dicca).

This collaboration leads to the creation of a mixed Academy-Industry structure aimed at developing a center in Liguria dedicated to metallic materials 3D printing, able to support both the research activity and the lines of development of the local and national industry.
This collaboration represents a point of absolute excellence for Liguria in accordance with the recent Government development plans related to Industry 4.0 and Intelligent Manufacturing between Research and Industry.

GeAM has several systems for additive manufacturing, in particular at the IIS Laboratory the system is active for metal materials based on laser bed deposition technology (SLM - Selective laser melting) and systems for polymeric materials at the Polytechnic School laboratory.
With the support of the IIS testing laboratory, the Joint Laboratory can carry out mechanical, chemical and defective characterization, and heat treatments on additive manufacturing components.


  •     Research and innovation activities co-financed or sponsored
  •     Feasibility studies and experimental prototyping
  •     Design of components for additive manufacturing
  •     Prototype development
  •     Mechanical, chemical and defect characterization of prototypes
  •     Support for the qualification of the process
  •     Staff training
  •     Organization of workshops and conferences.

Partner of the Lighthouse Plant project of Ansaldo Energia.
GeAM collaborates with:

    Metal Additive Manufacturing:                                Plastic Additive Manufacturing:
    EOS M 290                                                              WASP 40 70

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