IIS PROGRESS srl obtained in May 2016 qualification by Fondimpresa as “Proponent for System Account Notices” and qualification of its “Training Catalogue for Notices with Additional Grant” on the basis of the Regulations with the same name. The possible pathways for funding the training activities provided by IIS PROGRESS srl that member companies of Fondimpresa can implement are set out below.

Eligibility for the Grants for SMEs: the “Notices with Additional Grant”

The Notices with additional grant are a tool designed to provide increased opportunities for small and medium enterprises to use their  Training Account.
The resources set aside in the Training Account, in fact, are proportional to the number of employees. For a company with few employees it is therefore more difficult to accumulate the resources required to cover its training needs.
That is why Fondimpresa provides the possibility to submit training plans by supplementing the resources of the Training Account with those of the System Account.
The company submits the plan using the available sums in their Account. Fondimpresa provides the rest up to a fixed limit: an additional grant to achieve the objective of customised training.
The possibility of the additional grant is offered by first come, first served funding Notices designed for a specific target or topic.

Training Account: resources available to the company

Fondimpresa member companies set aside in their individual company account, called "Training Account", a share of 70% of the compulsory 0.30% contribution on their employees’ wages paid into the Fund via INPS, the Social Security Institute. These resources are at the complete disposal of the holder company that can use them to train its employees within the timeframe and in the manner it deems most appropriate, based on Plans shared by representatives of the company stakeholders. These resources are valid for 2 years, after which, if the company has not used them, they will be paid into the Fondimpresa “System Account” that will fund the schemes directly promoted by the Fund via “System Notices” for the benefit of all member companies.

System Account: courses for one or more companies

The System Account is a collective account that is used for Notices which all companies can apply for, especially small sized ones, promoting the aggregation of companies on common training plans by region or sector. These resources are used to fund training plans by publishing Notices, for taking part, according to appropriate methods, in the following:
courses for individual companies that may be carried out directly at the company premises, on the basis of schedules and curricula directly agreed, for a minimum number of employees;
multi-company courses that take place at the offices of IIS PROGRESS srl for companies that have shown an interest.

In both cases Fondimpresa will debit in the final balance of the “training account” which the company holds (within the limits of the availability of its own resources) an amount calculated in relation to the hours of training carried out by employees.

An information service is available for companies and individuals concerned; you can contact:
Mortello Michelangelo
Phone +39 010 8341539