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IIS Group boasts a longstanding experience in Welding Inspection activities.
IIS SERVICE welding inspectors are certified  IWI - CSWIP - API - ASME welding inspectors who perform survey, supervision activities during fabrication and eraction of new components and structures and during mantainance and repair activities.

In addition to conventional welding inspection tasks:

  • Base materials, filler materials, welding machines
  • Fit-up and pre-assembly check
  • Check or definition of proper welding sequences
  • Check of welding parameters
  • Technical advice for solving welding and assembly concerns
  • Steady relationship with QA/QC functions and Site Management

our inspectors can carry out, witness, supervise different inspection stages provided by QCP (Quality Control Plans) of our Clients by performing or supervision of NDT, reading and interpretation of X-ray films, and approval of testing results.

Furthermore our inspectors are able to perform skill test aimed at screening and selection of welders emloyed in workshops and yards.

The added value we can offer in our inspections is not only in the expertise of our own inspectors but also in the ongoing links between our site inspectors and our technical departments: Engineering, NDT, Technical Assistance, Laboratory, Certification, Education and Training. These departments are able to give technical support and assistance to smooth different issues which can arise on the job, to sort out NDT or weldability issues, to advise on the best repair procedures and provide coordination, making available reliability evaluations, fitness for service assessments, flaws acceptability reports, in real time.

IIS Group performs inspection activities in different industrial segments, Oil&Gas, Infrastructures, Transportation and, generally, in all industrial fields in which welded components, structures, equipment are manufactured and supplied.

We operate by our own personnel and this has always been recognized as a strength point by our Clients.
When a single IIS inspector is in site the whole IIS group is there!