A very successful event the two-days conference held in Genoa - Porto Antico on May 28th-29th 2015, organized, every two years, by the Italian Institute of Welding (IIS). Well beyond the most optimistic expectations the 8th edition of National Welding Days (GNS8) have gathered more than 1,700 (actually 1,710) technicians, experts and researchers, confirming Genoa as Italian "capital" in the field of welded construction.

During the event, in 6 different Workshops, more than 50 technical papers have been delivered by authoritative speakers.
Great success for the two side events of GNS8, "2nd Day Microjoining / IPC Trouble Shooting Workshop" and "2nd International Conference on Joining of Thermoplastics", that were attended by over three hundred technicians.

But the inaugural session, on May 28th morning, introduced and coordinated by Rezia Molfino, President of IIS, and Sergio Scanavino, Secretary General of IIS, saw the participation and contribution of very important personalities in the welding world: the welcome by Gary Marquis, President of the International Institute of Welding (IIW) and the speech of Dave Landon, President of the American Welding Society (AWS) about “Vision for Welding: towards year 2020”. Very prestigious contributions coming from the most remarkable world-wide organizations in the field of welding.

Gianluigi Cosso, in charge of Structural Engineering Dept. of IIS SERVICE, a company  of IIS Group, presented the report "The fatigue strength of welded joints: the design criteria, the execution quality during manufacturing, the role of research and the contribution of Failure Analysis", widely appreciated by those present.