The Italian Institute of Welding Group is constituted by  the Italian Institute of Welding - a non profit Association- and three limited companies:  IIS CERT, IIS PROGRESS and IIS SERVICE solely owned by the Italian Institute of Welding.
The IIS Group is characterized by a multidisciplinary and versatile structure, consisting of operating divisions specialized in different areas of expertise, offering comprehensive services in many industries, such as oil & gas, civil and industrial infrastructures, power generation, transportation, chemical, electromechanical and manufacturing, in Italy and abroad.

The IIS Group currently employs about 230 people.

The Italian Institute of Welding operates for its institutional purposes of dissemination of knowledge in the field of welding and incorporates staff functions for the entire Group. IIS aims at "promoting and encouraging in every field the development of welding and allied technologies, contributing to its knowledge and diffusion".
For this purpose IIS is strongly committed in information and dissemination activities.
Furthermore manages the Laboratory for testing materials and components and is engaged in research funded programs.

IIS CERT, Certification Body accredited by ACCREDIA, provides certification services for personnel, procedures, products and companies and operates as a Notified Body for the certification of conformity with EU Directives through the CEC (European Consortium Certification), consortium controlled by the IIS Group.

IIS PROGRESS provides education and training services.

IIS SERVICE provides services in the fields of inspection and NDT, engineering and technical assistance, both for new constructions and during operating life and maintenance, of welded components and structures, systems and industrial plants, during the phases of design, prefabrication, assembly, final testing and during in-service inspection.

Our know how and expertise in the field of joining has been built since 1948 by generations of highly motivated technicians and engineers. A long journey always undertaken with impartiality and integrity.