The IIS Group includes the Italian Institute of Welding (Istituto Italiano della Saldatura - Ente Morale),with legal status of Non Profit Organisation, and its subsidiaries IIS CERT, IIS PROGRESS and IIS SERVICE, each with legal status of limited liability company, 100% controlled by IIS. The IIS Group features a multidisciplinary and versatile structure, consisting of operative divisions specialised in the various sectors of competence, able to offer global services in many industrial sectors, such as oil&gas, civil and industrial infrastructure, energy, transport, chemicals, engineering and manufacturing, in Italy and abroad. 

The Group currently employs about 230 people.

Istituto Italiano della Saldatura - Non Profit Organisation (IIS) is the parent of the IIS Group. It operates for the purposes stated in the Articles of Association of spreading knowledge in the field of welding and incorporates staff functions for the Group. Its mission is to “promote and foster in Italy the progress of welding in all fields, including similar and complementary techniques, and to contribute to its knowledge and dissemination”. To this end, the Institute performs an intense information and popularisation activity. Furthermore, it manages the mechanical and special testing laboratory and has undertaken funded research projects.

IIS CERT srl, ACCREDIA accredited certification body, provides certification services of personnel, procedures, companies and products and operates as a notified body for the certification of conformity to EC Directives also through the CEC (European Certification Consortium) controlled by the IIS Group.

IIS PROGRESS srl performs theoretical and practical personnel training activities in the field of welding techniques, of related and connected technologies and in the field of electronics.

IIS SERVICE srl provides inspection and diagnostic, engineering, technical support services for new projects or for maintenance and operation of welded components and structures, industrial systems and plants, during design, prefabrication, assembly, testing and in-service checks.

Since 1948, generations of technicians and engineers have fed our knowledge and expertise in the field of welds. A long path, travelled with strictness and integrity.