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The key mission of the IIS Group is to spread the knowledge and provide supporto to the industrial community in the field of joining and allied technologies, through competence, professionalism and technical impartiality.

The Research, Development & Academy (RDA) Division enthusiastically embodies the spirit of the IIS Group, delivering its intrinsic technical and professional attitude, combined with an energetic, creative and enthusiastic drive for fostering the improvement and the progress beyond the state of the art.

The RDA Division has the main purpose of promoting innovation through three main units, which are the advancement of internal know-how and business technological offerings (Offerings Research & Development), support to the implementation of highly innovative technologies (Industrial Research & Development) and the introduction of highly qualified personnel in the Group's staff (Academy Programme).

The RDA division interfaces with internal company functions and management bodies at all levels and with various external stakeholders operating within the national and international scenarios, including research centres, universities, certification bodies, editorial and scientific committees, associations and small, medium and large industrial enterprises.

The methodology and resources adopted to implement our initiatives are dependent on the specific business case and the selected innovation strategy.



Innovation network

>> IIW

>> EWF

>> H2



>> Bridge 50




Ongoing projects





The pillars of the IIS Group's RDA activities

Team RDA

People of RDA have been trained at high educational level and they have matured large technical experience and an outstanding soft skillset, essential to meet IIS’s strategic objectives and deliver high value projects for our customers through a synergic collaboration.


Stefano Pinca, MEng
Director of RDA Division


Michelangelo Mortello, PhD MEng
Manager of Funding and Collaborative Programmes for Research, Innovation and Training


Matteo Pedemonte, PhD MEng
Manager of Technological Research Laboratory


Alessio Bazurro, MEng
Technical specialist in additive technologies and non-conventional welding processes


Pietro Consonni, MSc
Technical specialist in adhesive bonding technologies and composit materials


Davide Moretti
CND in the field of infrastractures

Meet the RDA Team

Innovation of business offerings and internal know-how

that lead the companies of the IIS Group to improve their technological offers in terms of training (IIS Ente Morale - Training Division), technical assistance (IIS SERVICE), certifications and relevant guidelines according to existing standards (IIS CERT), laboratory services (IIS Ente Morale - Laboratory Division)

Support companies towards the technological advancement

for the implementation of special non-traditional technologies. In this sense, RDA performs the function of supporting customers in recently developed technological applications

Innovation and technological excellence

carried out in collaboration with national and international bodies, to contribute to recent developments in the field of research, innovation and improvement of training and certification, in order to enhance the dissemination of knowledge, enrich internal know-how and transmit excellence to customers and to the organizations with whom the IIS Group collaborates

Public co-financing

to be secured as an essential tool to contribute to the resources of the IIS Group, in order to acquire technologies, equipment, products, know-how and indirect company goods or services. These co-financing are obtained through the participation to public tenders

Academy Programme

aimed at introducing new human resources in the operating units of the IIS Group, through multidisciplinary training coursed, in order to mature the technical skills essential for the company and sharing the values ​​of the IIS Group