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Over the last years, the whole industrial sector has been living a deep technology innovation. The introduction of new high performance materials, such as Ultra High Strength Steels (UHSS), aluminium alloys and, particularly, polymer based composites (i.e. CFRP or GFRP) established the needs for the development of new and more advanced joining processes.

Adhesive bonding technology represents an effective solution to realize low weight, high performances multi-material hybrid structures.

Like welding techniques, adhesive bonding is a special process, hence a deep theoretical knowledge of its working principles as well as an integral process management is required.

Services in Adhesive Bonding process

The Italian Institute of Welding Group keeps pace with this technology innovation by offering new training, laboratory and support services to the Customers which deals with adhesive bonding process.


Educational and training programs for personnnel qualification
Customer support and adhesive bonding procedure qualification
Characterization of joint performances
Failure Analysis

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