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IIS Group operates in the field of certification through its own company IIS CERT, providing its Clients with certification of quality management systems, environment and safety, manufacturing processes, materials, products and personnel.

A distinguishing feature since the establishment of the IIS Group is the strict link with the industrial world in materials production, fabrication processes, in service requirements and performances of components and structures, knowledge and consistent updating about standards and regulations: this feature is perceptible through the daily activity of our Inspectors and Auditors and their hands on experience.

IIS CERT is a Brussels notified institution with the number 0475 EC and operates accreditations ACCREDIA and authorizations for the European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting (EWF), International Institute of Welding (IIW), the Ministry of Economic Development and the National Agency for the Safety of Railways (ANSFISA).


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Certification of Personnel

Training courses in soldering in electronics (ESA/IPC)

IIS Group has provided for more than twenty years education, training, technical assistance and laboratory tests in the field of soldering in electronics. Education, training and certific...


Certification of NDT (Non Destructive Testing) Personnel

The IIS Group is able to certify NDT personnell according to the main international standards such as ISO 9712 and ASNT SNT-TC-1A. IIS CERT is accredited by ACCREDIA, in accordance with ISO / IEC 17024, for the certification of PND at levels 1, 2 and 3 according to UNI EN ISO 9712 in many industrial sectors, for the following methods: • ET (eddy currents testing),
• GT (guided waves testing)
• LT (leak detection testing)
• MT (magnetic particle testing)
• PT (dye penetrant testing)
• RT (radiography testing),
• RE (metallographic replicas),
• ST (strain gage)
• TT (thermography testing)
• UT (ultrasonic testing),
• VT (visual testing). IIS CERT is also Third Entity recognized for the approval of NDT personnel in accordance with Directive 97/23/EC (Pressure Equipment Directive). IIS CERT also certifies in accordance with Guidelines ANSFISA 02/2012 issued by the Italian Railway Safety Authority for the qualification of personnel providing NDT services in the sector of Railway Maintenance. IIS CERT is accredited by ACCREDIA to operate throughout the country in this field, for the three levels of competence and for the applicable subsectors. In the field of metallographic replicas, the certificates issued are according to UNI 11373, for the industrial sector "Pressure equipment subject to creep." Forms

Welder for plastic material

IIS CERT certifies personnel in the plastics sector in compliance with various national and international regulations UNI 9737 EN 13067 EWF 581 The certification is carried out with the accreditation in accordance with ISO/IEC 17024.

Other Professional Careers

In addition to the professional careers for Welding Coordinator and Welding Inspector IIS CERT qulifies the following ones: European Laser Expert (EWF guideline no. 651) for personnel working on the processes of laser welding and cutting; European Welding Specialist for Resistance Welding (EWF guideline no. 525) for personnel working on the processes of resistance welding; Welding Reinforcing Bars Personnel (EWF guideline no. 544) with expertise in the welding of reinforcing bars for concrete; Heat Treatment Personnel (EWF guideline no. 628); Metallographic examination personnel (EWF guideline no. 627). Forms

Professional Careers in Corrosion Protection (painting, thermal spraying)

Corrosion can produce serious alterations of the structural characteristics of metallic components such as to compromise safety and functionality.
Qualified and competent staff is a key element to ensure effective management of the process of corrosion protection. In the railway sector, AICQ has issued a specific guideline for the qualification and certification of personnel, IIS CERT, qualifies the following personnel: Coordinator (CCF) Inspector (ICF) Operators (OAF). In the field of thermal spraying the European Welding Federation, has created a pattern of qualification which provides the following professional careers:

• European Thermal Spraying Specialist (ETSS) - (EWF guideline no. 459) Coordinator with extended skills level
• European Thermal Spraying Practitioner (ETSP) - (EWF guideline no. 592) Coordinator with entry-level skills
• European Thermal Sprayer (ETS) - (EWF guideline no. 507) Operator for operation and thermal spraying. The processes involved are: Flame spraying, plasma spraying, Arc spraying, HVOF-spraying. Forms

Professional Careers in bonding

In order to meet the great demand of support and services in the field of bonding, the European Welding Federation (EWF) has set up a system of professional careers, introducing the following qualifications: European Adhesive Engineer (EAE)
Coordinator with extended level of competence (guideline EWF n. 517); European Adhesive Specialist (EAS)
Coordinator with specific level of competence (guideline EWF n. 516); European Adhesive Bonder (EAB)
Operator for the execution of permanent joints by (EWF guideline no. 515). IIS CERT is the Authorized National Body (ANB) authorized by The European Welding Federation (EWF). Forms

Certification of welding coordinators and welding inspectors

In the field of the welding fabrication process, there are two key roles in a Company for the proper control of the manufacturing process: the Welding Coordinator and the Welding Inspector.

The welding coordinator has to supervise the planning and implementation of all stages of manufacture. The International Institute of welding and the European Welding Federation (IIW and EWF) have set up a  dedicated qualification and certification system which provides Manufacturers with four different levels of competence, depending on the complexity of the manufacturing process and the criticality of the products/components made: IWE International Welding Engineer IWT International Welding Technologist IWS International Welding Specialist IWP International Welding Practitioner The welding inspector's task is to verify in detail the accuracy of the inspection activities in pre-manufacture and/or assembly on-site of welded components. The International Institute of welding and the European Welding Federation (IIW and EWF) have set up a  dedicated qualification system which provides Manufacturers with three different levels of expertise: IWI-C International Welding Inspector Comprehensivel level IWI-S International Welding Inspector Standard level IWI-B International Welding Inspector Basiclevel IIS CERT is the Authorised National Body in Italy recognized by the European Welding Federation and by the International Institute of Welding for the qualification and certification of these professional careers  in welding. IIS CERT also Welding Coordinators as requested by EN 1090-1 with particular reference to Execution Class 1 and 2 for the manufacture of welded products of steel construction. 120 IWE/IWT/IWS and  80 IWI certificates issued per year. 3500 Welding Coordinator certificates and 2500 Welding Inspectors certificates issued so far.  

Welders and Welding Operators for metallic materials

IIS CERT carries out certification of welders and welding operators, as well as brazers and brazing operators in metallic materials, according to the main national and international standards and codes, such as: EN ISO 9606 parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 EN ISO 14732 ASME Code AWS Code This activity is accredited to ISO / IEC 17024 by ACCREDIA. They can also be carried out according to the qualification panels IIW / EWF, such as the International Welder (IW).

IIS CERT is also recognized as Third Entity to approve the personnel making permanent joints, in accordance with Directive 97/23/EC (Pressure Equipment Directive). Every year 10,000 welders' certificates are issued - 350,000 welders' certificates issued so far.

Management Systems Certifications

Environment Management System ISO 14001

Companies are required to manage their relationship with the environment. The EN ISO 14001 specifies requirements for an environmental management system to enable a company to develop and implement policies and objectives respecting the environment and taking into account the requirements, legal and not, in any way relevant.

And for those who need a specific pattern to the environmental issues in welding, the European Welding Federeazione (EWF) has developed a certification scheme called EMS (Envinroment Management System). Certification activities by IIS CERT are accredited ISO IEC 17021 by ACCREDIA, in different sectors EA.

Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001 (ex OHSAS 18000)

When the environment is a source of uncertainty about the protection of workers' health, it is necessary to have a keen and critical eye to ensure the safety of those who work. The most important asset of companies is made up of the people, who day after day, with the commitment, hard work and determination, they grow the company they work for.

Thanks to BS OHSAS 18001 "Occupational health and safety management systems - Requirements", the certification scheme is able to provide excellent support for those who need to keep control of the work environment, in order to ensure an adequate level of safety, managing case studies and preparing a system capable of addressing, in complete safety, even the most challenging enterprises.

Besides offering guarantees to any liability of the Employer as a result of accidents and injuries at work, this standard is to be considered as an example and model of management that national laws provide. Among other advantages, the certification according to the standard BS OHSAS 18001, it can also allow a reduction in the national taxation system.

Certification activities by IIS CERT are accredited ISO IEC 17021 by ACCREDIA, in different sectors EA.

And for those who need a specific pattern for safety in welding, the European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting (EWF) has developed a certification scheme called SMS (Safety Management System).  

Technical Assistance

Suppliers technical capabilties assessment

The IIS Group provides a service aimed at the evaluation of  technical capabilities for suppliers of welded structures and components. This service can be valuable for Clients, plant Users, infrastructures managing companies or EPC contractors. By means of technical audits and inspections at workshop and/or worksite facilities, the overall technical capabilities of the organization being assessed are evaluated in terms of availability of personnel, equipment, fabrication processes, handling capacity and storage. The assessment can be accomplished according to the requirement of ISO 3834 provisions.

Technical support for the correct interpretation the national legislation DM 329/04 and D.Lgs. 81/08

IIS CERT provides support for Users or those who have to manage pressure equipment for proper implementation of existing national legislation.
In more detail: predispose timetables with software support for better management of periodic verification compilation and preparation of application of registration as per art. 6 registration activities according to art. 16 of the D.M. 329/04 of pipes or containers for liquids already in operation before May 29, 2002.

Products Certification

CE Conformity for Simple Pressure Vessel - SPVD

The Directive SPVD applies to pressure vessels for air or nitrogen in steel or in aluminum alloy, with a maximum operating pressure greater than 0.5 bar and less than 30 bars and with the product between the maximum working pressure and the ability of the vessel (PS x V) between 50 and 10,000 barl and with operating temperature between -50 ° C and +300 °C for steel and max 100 °C for aluminum.

CEC - Consorzio Europeo Certificazione is a Notified Body (NB 1131) for the Directive 2014/29/UE (Simple Pressure Vessels Directive).

Conformity assessment of fluid transport piping systems in railway crossing

The IIS group has been for more than 40 years, the main reference Entity for the verification and certification of the acceptability of radiographs of welded joints of pipelines that cross or run parallel to railway lines as per national legislation D.M. 2445 of February 23, 1971 (Technical standards for pipelines transporting liquid and gas crossings and running parallel with railways and other transport lines) and national legislation D.M. of 10 August 2004 (Changes to technical standards for pipelines transporting liquid and gas crossings and running parallel with railways and other transport lines). These national regulations specifically mention the Italian Institute of Welding as an Approved Body to perform this task. Forms

Personal evaluation and procedures in the field of pressure equipment

IIS CERT is also Third Entities Recognized according to Directive 2014/68/UE for: European approval of materials approval of personnel involved in non-destructive testing approval of the operating procedures and personnel shall be permanent joints. Forms

CE Conformity for Construction Product (CPR 305/2011)

IIS CERT is a Notified Body (number 0475) for the certification of the Factory Production Control under EU Regulation 305/2011 (CPR - Construction Product Regulation) relating to construction products intended for civil engineering works.
The products and the relevant harmonized standards under which IIS CERT certifies the Factory Production Control (FPC) of the companies are:

• structural metal components according to EN 1090-1
• structural steels classified according to EN 10025-1
• welding consumables classified according to EN 13479
• structural connectors in accordance with EN 14399. Forms

CE conformity assessment in the field of pressure equipment (PED - TPED)

           The IIS group founded in 2002 the CEC - European Consortium for Certification with EU registration no. 1131 - which deals mainly certification with reference to EU directives leading to CE marking and verification in the field of materials, equipment and facilities under pressure. Actively participates with its representatives in the work, both National and European, of drafting the legislation in the field of construction and operation of the equipment and pressure systems also acting as technical support to the representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development. Particularly in the area of ​​pressure systems and equipment fixed and transportable the CEC is a Notified Body for: PED - Pressure Equipment Directive (2014/68/UE) on equipment and sets pressure T-PED - Transportable Equipment Directive (2010/35 / EU) on transportable pressure equipment Forms

Certification of Fabrication Processes

Certification of the welding fabrication process - ISO 3834

The EN ISO 3834 "Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials" is a guide that establishes the quality requirements for the proper management of the manufacturing process, both in the workshop and on site, of any type of fusionwelded construction.

In order to ensure the required level of quality for the welded products and to optimize the costs of manufacture, the entire welding production process must be controlled from the arrival of the materials in the workshop. The standard ISO 3834 defines the requirements that manufacturers must meet to operate according to the standards of good manufacturing practice.

IIS CERT is accredited ISO IEC 17021 and ISO IEC 17065 by ACCREDIA for the certification of companies in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 3834, and is also the Italian National Body Authorised by the European Federation of Welding (EWF) and the International Institute of Welding (IIW) for granting the certification above, both as regards to quality, and to the aspects of safety and environment. In fact, the EWF, has developed a dedicated system of certification of manufacturers (the "EWF manufacturers certification system for quality management, health and safety and environment in the welding fabrication".

EN ISO 3834, being applicable indipendently of the production contexts, finds its correct application in combination with many product standards, in which it is referred to. Among them: EN 15085 for the field of railway vehicle EN 1090 for metal structures civilians EN 13445 for pressure equipment ... And many more.

Benefits: In contractual situations: for the definition of the welding requirements; as a guideline for the testing / qualification of suppliers of welded products. for manufacturers in the development of quality requirements for welding. in management systems for Quality: as a guideline for the management of the "special process" welding; as integration of UNI EN ISO 9001. as part of the European directives (PED, CPD, etc) Companies certified by IIS CERT according to EN ISO 3834 are inserted: List of Certified Companies published on our website; List of Certified Companies published on the website of the international EWF - European Welding Federation; List of Certified Companies published on the website Accredia (Undertakings for accreditation of certification bodies). Forms

Welding Fabrication Process for railway vehicle - EN 15085

In the field of the welding fabrication of railway vehicles, the standard EN 15085 without any doubt has a fundamental importance in the international scenario; it contains a significant amount of shared knowledge and it represents, therefore, the level of technology acquired in this field, nationally and internationally. This makes it an indispensable tool for operators, system integrators, suppliers and manufacturers. The standard is divided into 5 parts as follows:
Part 1: General
Part 2: Quality requirements and certification of the manufacturer
Part 3: Design requirements
Part 4: Requirements for construction
Part 5: Inspection, testing and documentation The second part specifies the criteria for the definition of the minimum requirements which a Manufacturer that performs or subcontracts welding works, in new construction or maintenance, should refer to, in order to give evidence of his capability for operating in the field of rolling stock. The criteria that must be taken as a reference for the conformity assessment of the Company to the above requirements, by third parties recognized, if applicable, are specified as well. Parts 3, 4 and 5 contain technical guidelines for the design, manufacture, inspection and testing of welded metal components of railway rolling stock. IIS CERT is authorized for the certification of Manufacturer by the National Safety Authority (ANSFISA) and accredited by ACCREDIA in accordance with ISO/IEC 17065. IIS CERT certifies companies' Fabrication Process according to EN 15085. Forms

ISO 22688 "Quality requirements for brazing of metallic materials"

ISO 22688 "Quality requirements for brazing of metallic materials" is a guide providing complete sets of quality requirements, both in workshops and installation sites, of any sort of brazed construction or product. In order to ensure the required quality level for brazed products and to optimize manufacturing costs, the entire brazing production process must be controlled starting from the arrival of the materials in the workshop. To take into due consideration all the different factors that can affect quality, the manufacturer must implement a quality assurance system. The ISO 22688 standard defines the requirements that manufacturers must meet in order to operate in accordance with the criteria of good manufacturing practice. IIS CERT is accredited to ISO IEC 17021 and ISO IEC 17065 by ACCREDIA for the certification of companies in accordance with ISO 22688. The ISO 22688 standard, "transversal" to the various production contexts, finds its most suitable application in combination with multiple product standards. Among them: EN 14276 -1/2 for pressure equipment for refrigeration systems and heat pumps EN 13445 for pressure equipment - Containers EN 13480 for pressure equipment - Piping. >> Benefits
In contractual situations: for the definition of brazing requirements; as a guideline for the verification / qualification of suppliers of brazed products> for manufacturers: in defining and maintaining quality requirements for brazing in quality management systems: as a guideline for the management of the brazing “special process”; as an integration of ISO 9001 in the context of European directives (PED, Simple Containers). Companies certified by IIS CERT in accordance with ISO 22688 are included:  in the List of Certified Companies published on our website  in the List of Certified Companies published on the Accredia website (Accreditation body of certification bodies). >> Related activities
In order to implement a proper management of the brazing process, the manufacturer must have adequate and competent personnel to supervise, inspect, test and control the production in accordance with the prescribed requirements as well as prepare specific activities. The Italian Institute of Welding Group provides the following services:  Training courses and certification for brazing coordinators  Training courses and certification for NDT personnel in visual test (VT) with brazing integration  Training courses and certification for NDT personnel in leak testing (LT)  Theoretical / practical courses for brazers  EN 13585 brazing certification  Certification of brazing procedures EN 14276  PED product certification.

Welding Fabrication Process for civil engineering construction works - EN 1090

In Europe, the main current reference in the manufacture of metal structures for civil engineering works is the Regulation 305/2011 (CPR). For the purposes of the Regulation, "construction product" means any product manufactured in order to be permanently incorporated in construction works, including both buildings and civil engineering. According to CPR a construction product fits for its intended use (and therefore it is possible the CE mark) if its characteristics are such as to allow the work to which it is intended, the fulfillment of the basic requirements applicable to it. As a "construction product" it includes any structural metalcomponent, resulting from processing such as cutting, forming, welding, drilling, etc. A product is considered suitable for the intended use if it is demonstrated that it meets the basic requirements of the CPR through compliance with the relevant "harmonized technical specification". For metal structural components, as defined above, the harmonized standard is EN 1090-1. In order to CE Mark metal structural components in accordance with EN 1090-1, the Manufacturer must obtain the certification, by a Notified Body, of its Factory Production Control (FPC). IIS CERT is Notified Body (number 0475) for the certification of Factory Production Control (FPC) according to EN 1090-1.  

Painting processes

The IIS Group is able to perform qualification of painting processes and overall production process of anti-corrosion coatings for applications in the transport industry, Oil & Gas and civil structures. The IIS Group also performs laboratory tests to check in detail the properties and quality of the coatings in relation to corrosion, water resistance, heat resistance / thermal shock resistance, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, ensuring the compliance to requrements provided by specifications and standards. The IIS Group also offers laboratory tests able to verify paints and coatings and their relevant performance expectations.  

Bonding Fabrication Process

The IIS Group  is able to offer certification services in the manufacturing processes by gluing and bonding, with reference to relevant national and international regulations and/or technical specifications.

Welding Procedure Specification (WPS)

IIS CERT carries out certification of Welding Procedures Specification (WPQR, PQR), with ACCREDIA accreditation, in accordance with the relevant international standards. EN ISO 15600 series, including EN 15614-xx, EN ISO 15613, EN ISO 15612, EN ISO 15611 ASME Code - Section IX AWS Code API standards The certification activities can be carried out directly at the companies facilities or in IIS Group welding schools and laboratories. Certification of Welding procedure Specification is a traditional task of IIS and IIS Group.
37,500 WPAR/PQR have been issued so far by IIS/IIS Group/IIS CERT

Third party in-service inspections

Periodic Inspection on pressure and lifting equipment

IIS CERT operates periodic in-service inspection on equipment and industrial plants inspections as per Italian regulation DM 329/2004 verification on grounding systems as per Italian regulation DPR 461 periodic inspections of lifting equipment as per Italian regulation D.Lgs. 81 full support for feasibility study on exemptions and extensions on periodic integrity  and/or operation verification as established by Italian regulation Support for managing repair documentation.

Periodic inspections on transportable pressure equipment

The Directive TPED, applies to all transportable pressure equipment, including accessories and related valves, used for the transport of gas in Class 2.
In addition to the CE marking, the legislation TPED apply to the periodic inspection of containers (including taps and accessories for transportation) that must undergo periodic inspections. These inspections are carried out by the CEC as a Notified Body.

Periodic inspection of electrical installations as per Italian regulation DPR 462/04

Verification of electrical installations as per Italian regulation DPR 462/04 are compulsory on all “Employers” and therefore any activity involving the presence of even a single employee. Only remain excluded from the obligation to verify the activities in which workers are part of the same household and the activities consist of members-only without the presence of employees. Therefore, except for private homes, 99% of the electrical systems lie in the obligation of this law.
Italian regulation DPR 462/04 concerns: of ground systems of electrical systems in areas with danger of explosion of installations of protection from the atmospheric discharges The main change, compared with previous regulation DPR 547/55, is that periodic inspections are no longer exclusivity of ASL / ARPA but the employer may apply alternatively Bodies Authorized by the Ministry of Economic Development: IIS CERT is authorized body.
There are four different categories. Authorized Bodies can carry out inspection for one or more of the existing categories.
IIS CERT is authorized by the Ministry of Economic Development for all these four categories: Installation and protective equipment against lightning Plant grounding of systems powered up to 1000V Plant grounding of plants fed with voltage over 1000V Electrical systems placed in areas with risk of explosion.

IT Services for documentation and certificates management

IIS CERT Certificates ON LINE

Since 2014 it is available without additional charge, the service "Certificates Online". For company, personnel and products, the certificates are now made available in a "Restricted Area" to the applicant on the web site "certonline" creating a real archive with great benefits and opportunities . Certificates available in real time, after conclusion of the certification process, eliminating unnecessary delays due to delivery of paper documents Ability to view the certificates on the web, from everywhere Effective search engine of certificates Ability to create users, such internal Divisions, individual factories or even customers. Effective management of the expiration of certificates ... and much more

At the first certification request, the Company will receive their credentials to access the site (username and password) and since then the service will be operational.

For information please contact IIS through the usual communication channels. Go to site certonline