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Starting on 01 January 2020, IIS took over the management of the technical-administrative secretariat of the International Association IIW - International Institute of Welding.

The IIW operates on an intercontinental scale as a network of Welding Institutes, of the main Universities of the world and of the Welding Industry, acting as platform for cultural exchange and ideal environment for the development of Best Practice documents - applicable globally.
50 countries around the world are members of the Association.

Several commonly used academic and industrial tools that have been developed in IIW and, moreover, pertaining to the most disparate topics. Among these, the following can be mentioned: carbon equivalent formulas, standards for the classification and characterization of welding consumables, criteria for verifying cracking phenomena in welding, rules for fatigue design of welded joints (S-N curves), calibration blocks for the ultrasonic control of welded joints, standards for the qualification and certification of welds performed with resistance and Friction Stir Welding processes, statements on health hazards for welding fumes and many others. Furthermore, since 1999, the International Authorization Board (IAB) has also been created in IIW.

This body manages the qualification and certification scheme for welding personnel (IWE, IWT, IWS, IWS, IWP and IWI inspectors coordinators) and companies (ISO 3834), in ccoperation with EWF (European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting).

Finally, the IIW is recognized as an ISO standardisation body and therefore has the right to prepare and revise standards relating to the welding and allied matters.

The IIW was founded in 1948 by organizations in 13 states of the world (Europe, South Africa, the United States and Japan) and was managed by a technical administrative secretariat first Anglo - French (at the Welding Institute and the Institute Soudure) and then only French (Institute Soudure). In addition to being a founding member, IIS has always held apical positions, having given over the years 2 Presidents, 4 Treasurers, many other members of the Board of Directors and also individual with technical responsibilities (Commission Chairs).

This allowed IIS and its staff to acquire a high sensitivity in the international context, developing professional contacts on a global scale and the technical-administrative skills that have enabled, together with the solidity and seriousness that have always distinguished the IIS Group, the obtaining the assignment for the management of the IIW.

The IIS Group staff specifically dedicated to these activities is composed of:

This staff will be supported by the services offered by the IIS.

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