Our commitment, people and passion

Our Vision
Since 1948, generations of technicians and engineers have fuelled our knowledge and expertise in the field of welds. A long path, travelled with exactitude and integrity
We want this heritage to continue being available to the industry and those who strive to contribute to technological evolution, in the strictest compliance with health and safety requirements and the environment.

Our Mission
The IIS Group still has the priority objective that has always characterised Istituto Italiano della Saldatura: producing and transferring knowledge through the activities of the companies it consists of, faithful to the origin of its brand.
Within this setting, the IIS Group stands as a landmark in Italy and abroad, providing training, technical and scientific support, engineering and diagnostics services, laboratory tests and certification, always assuring compliance with the expected conditions of quality, safety, reliability and availability of industrial systems and plants, welded structures and welded components.

The distinctive values that inspire the IIS Group include:

>> dissemination of knowledge,
     in all Client relations;

>> trustworthiness,,
     in pursuing loyal and long-lasting relations with Clients, Employees, Suppliers and Partners;

>> professionalism and skill,
     in serving Clients, focusing on the quality of the services;

>> technical independence,
     to be recognised as a technical “Third” Party and maintain the freedom to express a technically
     independent position that is taken into due account by Clients, competitors, institutions and the