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Corrosion damages can produce deep alterations of the structural properties of metallic components affecting  both their safety and functionality. An effective modern corrosion mitigation management process is therefore essential to ensure the state of the art service reliability and to reduce direct and indirect costs arising from a corrosion failure. In this context, failure of a specific corrosion protection system means additional costs for maintenance, loss of production, damage of image and more.

Nowadays, the Italian Institute of Welding Group has implemented its own services offering its Clients a complete and integrated technical support in order to manage and solve corrosion related issues as analysis and interpretation of damages and mitigation & protection systems optimization against corrosion.
In the specific field of corrosion protection by coating, the IIS Group can offer services as:

  • Training, qualification and certification of professional careers specialized in the activities of coordination, inspection and application of coating systems
  • Coating cycles qualification and certification by LAB tests
  • Qualification of coating systems application processes
  • Third-party inspections of Applicators quality process
  • Support in developing technical documentation
  • Inspection & Coordination of corrosion protection processes
  • Failure analysis.

Coating services


Training and certification of personnel
Protective coating systems approval and certification
Third party inspections of applicators quality process
Assistance in developing technical documentation
Technical assistance, coordination, inspection and control
Failure Analysis

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