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IIS SERVICE operates with 60 inspectors certified as IWI (International Welding Inspector) and CISI (Certified In-Service Inspector), carrying out following checks:

  • Contact surface in slip resistant connections (preparation and treatment, rugosity, burrs)
  • Bolting assemblies (certificates, dimensions, resistance and functional class, surface conditions)
  • Dimensional tolerances (alignment, planarity of flanges, gap in cover plates, anchor bolts,)
  • Difference in thickness and packing plates
  • Completeness of connections
  • Pretightening and tightening according to EN 1090-2 requirements (torque method and combined method)

 With a minimum notice, our personnel can reach workshops, plants and construction sites worldwide to inspect buildings, bridges and all other types of steel structures.

In addition, headquarter personnel constantly supervises inspection activities and, whenever required, provides support from IIS Group divisions (Engineering, Diagnostics, Technical Assistance, Laboratory, Certification, Education&Training) on specific issues, e.g. control procedures, non-conformity and relevant corrective actions, repair specifications, etc.