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Coating and surface protection

IIS SERVICE operates with 20 coating inspectors certified according to NACE or FROSIO programs, carrying out following checks:

  • Steel preparation
  • Surface degreasing
  • Abrasive blasting media (type, size, contamination, etc.
  • Air compressor Blotter Test
  • Cleanness after pickling
  • Anchor pattern
  • Materials (batch certificates, technical data sheet, etc)
  • Environmental conditions (temperature, relative humidity, dewpoint);
  • Dust Test;
  • Salt Test;
  • Wet film thickness (WFT);
  • Dry film thickness (DFT);
  • Visual test
  • Holiday Test
  • Adhesion test (Cross cut– Pull off)
  • Inspection on hot dip galvanized structures

 Furthermore, IIS SERVICE Corrosion Engineers and Corrosion Technologists can issue coating specifications for new structures or maintenance works, according to Customer’s requirements in terms of durability, cost-saving, ambient conditions, Health & Safety

With a minimum notice, our personnel can reach workshops, plants and construction sites worldwide to inspect vessels, piping, bridges and all other types of steel structures.

In addition, headquarter personnel constantly supervises inspection activities and, whenever required, provides support from IIS Group divisions (Engineering, Diagnostics, Technical Assistance, Laboratory, Certification, Education&Training) on specific issues, e.g. control procedures, non-conformity and relevant corrective actions, repair specifications, etc.