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Verification of electrical installations as per Italian regulation DPR 462/04 are compulsory on all “Employers” and therefore any activity involving the presence of even a single employee.

Only remain excluded from the obligation to verify the activities in which workers are part of the same household and the activities consist of members-only without the presence of employees.

Therefore, except for private homes, 99% of the electrical systems lie in the obligation of this law.
Italian regulation DPR 462/04 concerns:

  • of ground systems
  • of electrical systems in areas with danger of explosion
  • of installations of protection from the atmospheric discharges

The main change, compared with previous regulation DPR 547/55, is that periodic inspections are no longer exclusivity of ASL / ARPA but the employer may apply alternatively Bodies Authorized by the Ministry of Economic Development: IIS CERT is authorized body.
There are four different categories. Authorized Bodies can carry out inspection for one or more of the existing categories.
IIS CERT is authorized by the Ministry of Economic Development for all these four categories:

  • Installation and protective equipment against lightning
  • Plant grounding of systems powered up to 1000V
  • Plant grounding of plants fed with voltage over 1000V
  • Electrical systems placed in areas with risk of explosion.