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Pre-service inspection is carried out before commissioning of new equipment and components. This type of inspection is adopted in oil & gas, power energy, chemical and petrochemical sectors, where equipment are subjected to periodical inspections during their operating life.

Pre-service inspection has not a final testing purpose. Its purpose is rather to define the "zero point"  for several indicators that shall be monitored during operating life. In fact the results of a pre-service inspection are recorded and stored up to be compared, in the future, with further investigations results. Even reference blocks for UT examination are to be retained as well, to guarantee repeatability conditions in following UT investigations.

Generally a pre-service inspection may include:

  • ultrasonic testing for thickness measurements with as built thickness mapping
  • ultrasonic testing of welds recording most relevant indications even if they are acceptable according to reference fabrication codes
  • metallographic replicas: location mapping and recording of microstructures
  • suface NDT and recording of most relevant indications

In special cases pre-service inspections may include particular examinations such as special NDT aimed at detecting inclusions, delaminations and disbonding due to wet H2S service.

IIS SERVICE provides an integrated service for pre-service inspection. Set up of inspection plan based upon potential damage mechanisms, performing of tests, inspection results recording and storage, retaining of reference blocks for further calibration.