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This service provides an effective tool for inspection planning, consistent with the budget for the safely maintenance of the infrastructure efficiency.

The IIS Group, particularly IIS SERVICE, gained a huge experience in RBI studies on industrial plants and is currently investing in developing RBI technology for infrastructures.

Borrowed from the RBI Technology for the Oil & Gas Segment and transposed for civil road and railway infrastructures, the RBI appears as a powerful and effective tool for management control, specially developed by IIS SERVICE in order to correlate the planning budgetary costs with the inspection planning.

It is therefore possible, given a reference budget, to evaluate the resulting level of risk or, vice versa, to define a limiting level of risk and get the resulting budget.

This tool finds its natural application in the management of the maintenance of road and rail networks in order to target interventions where really necessary because of the risk worsening related to the consequences of any damage.