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In the field of civil structures subjected to the law requirements (Ministerial Italian Decrees in law 1086 enforcement - today DM 14/1/2008, EN 1993, EN 1090) or other metal structures or machine elements and lifting equipment, the IIS Group provides technical advice and support in manufacturing engineering also in the stages of repair, reinforcement or functional and even substantial adjustment. With particular reference to:

  • definition of the type of maintanance work or other operation and detailed study of the geometry of the concerned structure
  • adjustment of the structure to new load conditions or to comply with most recent rules; for example when more stringent quality standards are required, or seismic susceptibility assessments are needed or when the compliance to standard and contractual specifications other than those European already mentioned above (e.g. AWS or GOST) is required
  • design "by formula" or "by analysis" of the structural details
  • definition of the methods of work and of welding sequences, consistent with the environmental conditions, the accessibility and the safety regulations
  • critical assessment of adjustment works, in design phase and during the work, in order to ensure the final quality, the cost-effectiveness and the durability of the re-rated structure
  • critical examination of the intermediate or final inspection and NDT

The IIS Group can provide complete assistance to support the Manufactures, the Users or the Works Supervisors and the Final Design and Quality Controller, with unaltered competence and fairness (as indeed specifically requested by the Technical Standards on Construction DM 14/1/2008 for Third Parties), as well as in supervising the assembly, in providing technical support for preparation and execution of repairs, reinforcement and mantainance works, and in accomplishing final NDT, even to certify the work for the purposes of law or insurance.