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People of RDA have been trained at high educational level and they have matured large technical experience and an outstanding soft skillset, essential to meet IIS’s strategic objectives and deliver high value projects for our customers through a synergic collaboration.



Stefano Pinca, MEng
Director of RDA Division

Employed at the Italian Institute of Welding since 1995, undertaking different roles within the company, he began his career as a junior engineer in the training delivery division, and then devoted himself, since 1997, to engineering activities. From 1997 to 2015 he, therefore, held the roles of head of the reliability area in the engineering division, first in charge of project management, product management and, finally, technical director of the division. From 2015 to 2017 he held the role of manager for business development related to the company's international activities, with particular emphasis on the market in the Middle East. From 2017 to today he is the director in charge of the Research, Development and Academy (RDA) division. Stefano Pinca cover the role of Delegate IIW Commission I - Additive Manufacturing, Thermal Cutting and Thermal Spray, and member of BoD IIW.

Stefano Pinca's technical knowledge is very broad and multidisciplinary. Many of these are certified by qualifications obtained according to relevant international reference standards and by scientific publications in specialized national and international journals. In particular, this knowledge relates to the fields of additive manufacturing and welding technologies, materials science and metallurgy, inspection and diagnostic techniques for welded structures, design, mathematical and statistical sciences. Finally, from a managerial point of view, Stefano Pinca has an extensive knowledge of operations and resource management processes, business plan drafting and strategic planning.



Michelangelo Mortello, PhD MEng
Manager of Funding and Collaborative Programmes for Research, Innovation and Training

His career is characterized by an outstanding international experience matured within some of the most prestigious organizations in Europe, including Politecnico di Bari (Italy) CNRS (Paris, France), Cranfield University (UK) and The Welding Institute (Cambridge, UK), before joining the IIS Group. While undertaking different roles and responsibilities within these organizations, he led the collaboration for technology transfer with research centres, universities, small, medium and large enterprises for the delivery of a wide research portfolio at different levels of confidentiality. From a technical perspective, his background is in laser materials processing technologies and additive manufacturing. In the early stage of his career as research engineer, he delivered high value projects with technical excellence, leading to the achievement of highly exploitable results and participating to securing industrial patents. In Academia, he held various teaching and supervising roles and contributed to an extensive research literature.

Effective from January 2020, he was appointed as manager of Funding and Collaborative Programmes for Research, Innovation and Training. His main responsibilities consist of drafting new innovation strategies for the corporate, coordinating the collaborative initiatives in research and innovation within national and international clusters and communities, managing research and innovation programmes delivery, implementing the innovation strategy for the technological offerings of the IIS Group, developing business opportunities related to research and development projects and securing public funding to support the activities of the IIS Group.



Matteo Pedemonte, PhD MEng
Manager of Technological Research Laboratory

From September 2009 until January 2012, he carried out research activities in the field of traditional and special welding processes at the DIPTEM department of the University of Genoa. While carrying out this role, he also dealt with the characterization of metallic, polymeric and composite materials, either adhesive bonded or welded according to ISO and ASTM standards. He did an internship at EADS (European Aerospace and Defense Society) in Munich (Germany) for the study of Friction Stir Welding (FSW). His professional experience is also characterized by active participation in POR and PON national research projects, aimed at the development of welding processes and, in particular, FSW and FSSW welding processes. He is currently a member of Commissions III (relating to solid state welding processes) and XVII (Relating to bonding techniques) of the IIW (International Institute of Welding) as "expert" and "delegate", respectively.

His knowledge originally comes from his studies in Mechanical Engineering and subsequently from the training courses attended at IIS and at the IFAM center in Bremen (Germany). The various professional qualifications achieved, including the EAB (European Adhesive Bonder) qualification, the IWE (International Welding Engineer (Technology, Metallurgy, Design and Manufacturing) qualification and the EAE (European Adhesive Engineer) qualification, allow him to carry out coordination activities of the adhesive bonding and welding processes. Matteo offers a very active involvement and a central role, from a technical point of view, within the research and development projects carried out within IIS. Among the main initiatives carried out for the IIS Group, he delivers technical support to client companies in matters related to joint technology through special processes, auditing, certification and training.



Alessio Bazurro, MEng
Technical specialist in additive technologies and non-conventional welding processes

After graduating in 2017, he started working in the technical office of a manufacturer of pasta production plants, where he held the role of mechanical designer. Hired at the beginning of 2018 by the IIS Group, after a period of internal training, he was moved to the area of ​​the IIS Technological Research Laboratory, where he operates in various technologies, including robotic welding, fiction stir welding, additive manufacturing and adhesive bonding. The activity he carries out is heterogeneous and multidisciplinary, including the analysis and development of welding processes, participation to research projects and teaching in training courses. He has participated to the activities concerning the realization of components through metal additive manufacturing, as well as providing a valid contribution in the drafting of the teaching material for the PBF-LB operator course.

Alessio Bazurro's main technical knowledge was developed as part of the achievement of the degree in Mechanical Engineering. He attended qualified and specialized training courses, such as the IWE (International Welding Engineer) qualification, PBF-LB operator qualification (Powder Bed Fusion - Laser Beam) and second level PND qualifications in visual, magnetoscopic and liquid penetrating methods. The technical knowledge was professionally matured through development activities, experimental research and analysis of the results of research projects, with particular emphasis on the hybrid Friction Stir Welding – adhesive bonding process.



Pietro Consonni, MSc
Technical specialist in adhesive bonding technologies and composit materials

Graduated in Materials Science and Engineering, he was hired at the Italian Institute of Welding in the Education and Training Division in 2015. From January 2015 to November 2020, he carried out training activities in the field of welding processes and metallurgy, in fabrication of welded structures and in adhesive technologies. In addition to teaching, in this period he was involved in the organization and planning of educational activities, also dealing with European projects aimed at developing guidelines and new methodologies for training. Activities carried out as welding inspector are also included and the most recent was carried out at the construction site of the new Ponte San Giorgio in Genoa. He is currently a member of Commissions II (arc welding and filler materials), IX (metallurgy and weldability of metallic materials) and XVI (adhesive technologies and polymer joints) of the IIW (International Institute of Welding) as an "Expert" (IX and XVI) and "Delegate" (II).

From December 2020 he joined the team of the RDA Division to deal mainly with adhesive technologies and composite materials. Pietro Consonni's background consists of the bachelor degree in Chemistry and Chemical Technologies and a Master's Degree in Materials Science and Engineering. During his career within the IIS he was able to undertake highly qualifying training courses, obtaining the IWE (International Welding Engineer), EAE (European Adhesive Engineer) and EAB (European Adhesive Bonder) diplomas. He obtained the diploma of Composite Materials Technologist (EXPERIS ACADEMY) in 2019. The experience and competence acquired allow him to carry out multiple activities with passion and effectiveness, from training to research.


p.i Davide Moretti 

Graduated in Telecommunication and enrolled in "Ordine dei Periti Industriali" of Genoa, he was hired by IIS in the Engineering Division of IIS SERVICE in 2012. After gaining experience in the field of risk analysis (RBI - API RP 580) he joined the Advanced Diagnostics Department, carrying out visual and instrumental inspections in civil and industrial field and rationalising inspections/maintenance of pipelines and storage plants. He has gained field experience in the emerging world of remote inspections (drones) acquiring international licence OPEN A2 - IT-STS.
Since January 2022 he has joined the RDA Division to support Training Dept. and Laboratory and he became Project Leader in some Erasmus+ Projects that have as their object training of personnel responsible for the inspection of welding and infrastructure.
During his career within the IIS Group he had the opportunity to access a training course focused on inspections and quality controls, which began with the qualification of IWI-C (International Welding Inspector) but he is also certified L2 in traditional NDT VT-PT-MT-UT according to UNI EN ISO 9712:2012 and finally is qualified for inspections in the field of infrastructure L2 for visual examination and inspection of civil infrastructure and magnetometric examination in accordance with  UNI pdr 56:2019.