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Corrosion can produce serious alterations of the structural characteristics of metallic components such as to compromise safety and functionality.
Qualified and competent staff is a key element to ensure effective management of the process of corrosion protection.

In the railway sector, AICQ has issued a specific guideline for the qualification and certification of personnel,

IIS CERT, qualifies the following personnel:

  • Coordinator (CCF)
  • Inspector (ICF)
  • Operators (OAF).

In the field of thermal spraying the European Welding Federation, has created a pattern of qualification which provides the following professional careers:

• European Thermal Spraying Specialist (ETSS) - (EWF guideline no. 459) Coordinator with extended skills level
• European Thermal Spraying Practitioner (ETSP) - (EWF guideline no. 592) Coordinator with entry-level skills
• European Thermal Sprayer (ETS) - (EWF guideline no. 507) Operator for operation and thermal spraying.

The processes involved are: Flame spraying, plasma spraying, Arc spraying, HVOF-spraying.